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Voodoo Spells – Do they really exist?

Voodoo spells and their presence has always been a controversial matter among many. Google this topic and it would give us so many research that we ourselves would be confused in deciding what to believe and what not to. We can find thousands of websites which talks about different kinds of voodoo spells and assorted systems for accomplishing paraphernalia spiritual in nature.
Thus if you are looking for things which might align with your needs which are not getting rewarded then you can surely bank on voodoo spells, do note that before you use information from such sites make sure to understand that the information they are providing is genuine. It has been seen that for all those unhappy and worried people, who are dejected by some or the other constraining in their life, voodoo spells can be a real help in such situations when one needs a backing which is not possible with the normal events of life.

Voodoo spells

When we speak of voodoo spells which is cast using rituals, these are basically nothing but a kind of religion which have been practiced by many societies from age-old. From the beginning things like herbs, candles, sweets etc… were used for offering the LOA. Voodoo is a form of religion which is based on spells and magic where spells, amulets and various kinds of potions are used by the houngan.

Although it is a very arguable topic whether voodoo spells really exist and if they do how much effective they are but it has been seen that though many have experiences which says no to the same, there have been instances where several individuals have benefited from the same. There are various kinds of spells like the magic spells, love spells, money spells, etc which all is depended upon the kind and the type of need the individual is in.

Voodoo spells are performed in a very systematic manner which is practiced by the houngans as per the laid guidelines transferred to them from generations. The rituals performed are pre and post spell procedure and the guidelines are followed step wise, else the spell would not work correctly. Voodoo spells are very powerful and are opted by many individuals since it gives fast and quick when it comes to results.

Thus if you are looking forward for a situation where life has come to a junction, where you are clueless and are looking for solutions but nothing has come yet to you, then it is high time that you can opt for the voodoo spell method where you can resort to various genuine practitioners who are there and would aid you in coming out of these issues. The sole thing which you need to keep in mind is that when you choose to use voodoo spells ensure that the steps suggested by the houngans are followed methodically to get the desired effects as required or wished by you.

So guys, if life is tormenting you or is not giving you what you have been imagining then you can try a chance with the spell casters as well, but important aspect here is that you need to take help from a genuine one else you might end up in all the more troubles. Since with the increase in the use of voodoo spells many scammers have disguised themselves as voodoo priest and have laid down cool and genuine looking websites to have a presence online, so that they can fool people like us who are in trouble and need help, they play with our misery and trouble times and earn money by cheating us, thus be careful before you approach any voodoo spell caster.

Free email spells

None in this world are satisfied with what they are having and all carve for more. This carving could be for happiness, monetary benefit, belongingness, career growth, etc. Wants are unlimited and with wants comes desires and wishes. How many among us have carved for that wonderful life which the next door neighbor leads, or may that wonderful sedan owned by the person who lives down the street, but rarely are our demands met. Many a times we keep blaming almighty for not showering blessing adequately upon us. This is the life we all lead right?

You might be wondering why I’m harping upon a topic which is so general and known to all when you have come here just to know how to get rid of problems simply by casting few lines…..but believe me casting spells for which you have actually come here is not that an easy ask as you are thinking. This requires meticulous framework of mind and a very systematic approach towards the same.

Here we will discuss about few spells which one can cast by reading the directions mentioned here and you need not visit a spell caster for this. But one aspect which needs to be kept in mind that the directions which are given here needs to be followed the way it has been given else effective results will not be obtained. Here we would discuss on two much searched spells across the web. Though you would find several spells on web for the same, these mentioned are the easiest and most effective if performed with care and meticulousness.

We would be discussing the easy money earning spells and a career advancement. The 1st one, the easy money earning spell is found in huge numbers across the web. I would not say anything to differentiate this from others, but when performed its result would make it difference stand out among the rest.

To start with, we would need three basic elements – mud, clay and sand. Take all these three in equal proportions in three different containers preferably red in color. Add few grains of rice or wheat in each of them on any full moon Friday. Keep this under your bed in the north east facing direction. All the three containers need to be arranged in a triangle pattern. Post one week when the same has been kept in the fashion as explained, on the first new moon Friday which comes after the 7th day of placing the same under your bed, take all the 3 containers and place them on the window sill acing the sky and chant in your mind 11 times the same lines without stopping with strong concentration on what kind of status you need to reach to. Here two things would determine how fast the wealth comes, first the strength of your imagination while you chant and the perfectness with which you complete the procedure.

The lines you need to utter are :
Emanate thy wishes thou parson of affluence
Fetch thy poise upon us
Shower thy elegances upon this soul who whittles for they presence

These lines are to be repeated eleven times as told without any break. Perform this for the next 9 days around eleven at night but ensure you finish casting the spell before midnight. Sleep tight after this and just wait for your wish to come true.

The next spell which you can cast sitting back at home by following these instructions meticulously is the career advancement spell where any individual who has not been able to reach the glories of career an needs the same can achieve it. All you need is few perfect steps and a steady mind and there you are with your wish come true.

Take 11 small crockery items, made of bone china. Ensure all are of different shapes. These would aid in harnessing the forces of nature which bring in career advancement and profile growth. Fill each of them water till brim and add 13 drops of different essence oils in each but all should have different flavors. Keep them every day facing the moon on days when you can see it and keep chanting the lines for 12 days. You would see there is a slight change in color of the water by the time you reach the 6th or 7th day. This shows your spell is working. On the 12th night you will find one container having completely back colored water Throw this at the south east direction where you have a tree.

Spell to chant:
Oh forces of fauna I implore your manifestation
Emanate to myself as I decree
My today and yesteryear has been deprived of your benediction
Cascade thy sanctification on me

Repeat these lines 10 times and you are done. All the best. Testimonial

I ve received this Testimonial / review from a customer of Sister Esmeralda:

I would like to leave a testimonial for Sister Esmeralda, but before I do that let me introduce me to everyone and tell me on why I want to leave a testimonial for Sister Esmeralda. But first, let me ask something, love, lust, affair, marriage, cheating, dumping, deceiving, divorce, magic, love spell, gypsy spells, have you all heard all this in your life and that to together, I hope most of you have not, but I have.

My name is Joanne and I am a 45 year old lady living in Salt Lake City, UT in USA. It all started when I was 18 years old and was attending my college. He was in my batch, topper of the class, best in all extra-curricular activities, the most handsome and charming boy I might have ever seen. After graduation I went for some odd jobs since I was doing my higher studies, once my higher studies completed I got a placement in a good IT company as a HR Manager.

I remember it was hiring season, and this guy came in for a walk in interview at our office, I realized that he was the same perfect guy I used to chat in college and think about in my subconscious mind. It was my 30th birthday and suddenly this guy comes to me and gives me a ring and proposed me, since I also liked him, thought for a while and said a YES to his proposal, then after things went rapidly, we got married in the next two years itself and continued our professions in the same organization.

He was a very caring and loving husband; he used to help me in daily chores of life as well, and made sure that all my wishes are fulfilled. Seven years passed by since we were married and then came in the problem. I saw a distinct change in the behavior of my husband; I started enquiring and found out that he is dating another lady from our office itself. When I came to know about the same I enquired more about it in the office, to which it came to my knowledge that the lady was not of a good character, even some of the staff reported that she uses magic to lure guys towards her.

One of my office friends who is a member of a forum asked me to visit this site and look for a spell caster who could help me bring him back by using a love spell. Without wasting any time I went to the site and while surfing read about Sister Esmeralda in one of the pages .

This site gave a detailed description about the Sister, and many members in the site had laid down their experience with the sister, I read them all, and specially the one written by a guy called Oscar whose life changed with the help of the sister, again without wasting time I went to and contacted Sister Esmeralda, and to my rescue, she was quick in replying back to my email, I told her my problem in detail, and she being a very caring psychic told me that she would cast a love spell to get him back to me, she also said that it would take a month’s time for my soul mate to return back to me.

This is why I would like to thank and show my gratitude to Sister Esmeralda, for she was like an angel to me, she was caring, soft spoken and a very good listener, and not to forget a true professional, her spells are also within my budget and it happened just like she foretold, my husband returned back to me, and now we are living a happy life forever, thanks a lot Sister for giving me back my husband.


Ive searched countless sites and spellcasters and I couldn’t find the right one too cast a love spell for me. My situation is that I love this girl her name is Andrea wood. She goes to my school I only met her two to three months ago but theres something about her that makes me crazy for her. But she doesn’t seem to notice me.

I need a spell that will make her look my way and love me like I love her. It would also be a help if Andrea could send me a Facebook message. Just to let me Know it worked. I would really appreciate it if you could make it happen or help me out in some way. Thank you so much madame Serena

Heartbreaking problem

I am faced with a really heartbreaking problem at he moment. I thought of seeking help from professional and experienced spell casters and I came across your site. With the existence of various online spell casters, I don’t know which ones are real and those who are scams. When I saw your site, I decided to come to you for help.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years, We were so happy and content with our relationship until the time when he had to undergo a 4-month training in connection with his job as a fire fighter.

When my boyfriend came back from the training, I was surprised that he suddenly turned cold towards me. I found out later that reason for such is a girl whom he met at the training center.

Without a word, my boyfriend left me just like that, no longer valuing what we had for 5 years. He and the girl are together now.

I love him so much which is why I really want him back with me, Dena. I feel so helpless since the time he left me. God knows how much much he means to me and I really want him back in my arms again.

I hope and pray that you be able to help me with my dillema. I am so desperate. Please help me.

Thank you.

Vivid dreams

I am single and am ready to meet my perfect partner.  I live in a small town and it is therefore difficult to meet singles.  I have been on and off again seeing a 47 year old eye doctor, Will.  We have a lot in common, the conversation is easy and we have a great physical connection.  We first went out three years ago (he was engaged to someone else at that time – but their relationship was going nowhere and then ended – however, i personally think they are still friends).

It seems as though we date 2 or 3 times and then months go by and then we go out three or so times and that is a rut i feel we are in.  I have had vivid dreams about our wedding and feel he could be the one.  he has had awful dating experiences in the past and all of his friends are in lousy relationships.  His view is jaded.  I feel we could be wonderful together but how do I know if he/we are ready to move on. Do i attempt to figure this whole thing out or i move on.  Any idea when, where, who Will i meet if i move on. Help…

love spell cast

hello, i have gotten a love spell cast from by andreika the witch for a former hookup and it never worked… that was october 2007- then i contacted faera from to cast a love spell for me this was around late 2009 but it did work for 6 months… she recast the spell but this specific person did not come to me and now he has a new lover. therefore faera has recast the spell on someone new… am i just wasting my time??

is it worth all this longing and suffering?

Which man in my life is the right man for me

Firstly I’d like to know which man in my life is the right man for me. There are three: Ryan, Andrew, and John. Ryan is an ex lover whom I would love to be with but does not seem to return these feelings and so I cut off the affair.

John is my ex whom is still very much in love with me, and Andrew is a new man in my life whom I’ve only been on one date with. I am confused as to which would be the best for me and any insight on this and and help to get the man I want would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

very strong spell

I have a problem with my lover.he love me to much before,now he is with onother girl.for ever i do love spell to remove her from him,she is doing more powerful spell.

i contact certified psychics and everyone said the same.she is doing very strong spell that nobody they cant undo it.or if i do something at the same time she is doing again and again.i want her live his office for ever because they work togheter.he is really doesnt love her from the heart,but about sex attraction maybe,because she is 30 years younger on him,i have not much money but if you try to help me for sure because i know that he love me too much,and we much very well each other.thanks lena

if you can find somebody why can stop her to live his office and to find somebody to make him to never see onother woman then let me know.

Return my Lover & Reconcile

What a relief!! Finally a caster who can suggest the right caster.
I am looking for the right caster to help with the following situation:
I’d like to be reunited with my former partner. He left me in January 2009, after I confessed being unfaithful in 2007. I’ve tried everything and anything to salvage what we had but it backfired. Things were perfect till that point and sometimes I regret confessing. I honestly thought I was doing the right thing as I loved him so much.

He ended it by saying: “There can never be an ‘us’  again”, “I can’t forget what you did” and “I don’t do ‘second chances’, ever!”

That was the only mistake I ever made and never gave him any other reason to distrust me. He is a very stubborn person, with a lot of pride and arrogance and I just don’t know how to get around this. I’ve even begged and pleaded.

I was in tears this morning, yet again as the break-up hurts like it was yesterday. I’ve had no contact with him since March regarding ‘us’ but just some business he was doing as he was my sister’s wedding photographer so I have no idea if he’s with anyone else at all.

I have already had Katrina of perform a “Return my Lover &
Reconcile” Love Spell on 23rd June 2009.
As with many other casters I have read bad reviews on Kat too so I’m glad I didn’t spend that much but is this review wrong and is she good? A lot of casters seem to bad mouth others and you just don’t know who to believe. I’ve been researching for 3 months now and am still struggling to find someone who’s genuine and accurate. I feel the more time passes the more further my goal, dream and desire is from me.
Your advice would be much appreciated. I am looking to spend up to 400GBP.
Kind Regards and Many Thanks.

I want this woman out of his life

My beloved husband of 23 years walked out two years and almost 11 months ago with a Waffle House Whore he had picked up at the Waffle House. He left August 10, 2006 and has avoided me since, has said he has married this whore, but we are not divorced so I know they are not married,,,,,at least not legally, and he and I both knew we were put together by God.

I want this woman out of his life and all other women to shun him and for him to realize the mistake he has made, regret it and come back to me immediately. Almost three years is three years too long for me to live without the soulmate, help me to and love of my life that was a blessing from God.

He is still in Knoxville Tn with that woman, and I have been forced to move in with my mother that hates my husband and I do not even think she would let me know if he called her house to try and talk to me.  Please direct me to someone that can succeed quickly but understands I am not rich and do not have a lot of money as my work has been cut back due to the bad economy.
Thank you,

Receive a big amount from this divorce

My husband is now living with another woman and we are still married legally are suppose to get a divorce but i would like to know if i will receive a big amount from this divorce for me and will my daughter get anything as she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her father i think he has agreed her.

also i would like to know if his girlfriend will stay long with her as many people are telling me that she will leave him soon as soon as she has taken all what he has. as she has done this before. will i move and will i be happy with my other children thanking you in advance

I want him back so bad

I want him back so bad and I dont know what to do. When he makes up his mind, it really is made up.

I’m so desperate right now. Help me… I’m sure that if he really did love me the love is still there…What should I do? I’m so serious about this. I’ve called psychics and they said that we’d be together always but the signs show something different because he doesnt change his mind at all or very easily. is there any spell that could remedy this? I’m not so sure if he deleted me from msn because I can still see him but after all that happened I called his mom to speak with her. Keep in mind i don’t know his mom very well and when it first happened I was speaking to her for hours.


Then I emailed his best friend who I dont know a 2 page letter about our situation and got no response but the best friend told him about the email. Toney says he can’t see us being together ever again. Its his final decision and that we’re only going to be friends. I always plead and beg him back. He always says no. My wishes for this outcome? I wish that he will realize that I am the only one for him and that we will get married. However he claims that even if we do become friends again and he does trust me, nothing more will ever happen again. Also i lied about going to therapy to encourage him to talk to me again but he doesn’t know that. He suspects it though. This is the summary of everything in his own words:

um long story short, u kept assuming things n said things which implied htat u had a problem w me hanging w my friends, i kept telling u about it and assuring u that everythings fine but it felt like u didnt listen, then i got upset asked for a break till the end of the semester, then like a month or something later u called n basically told me that i had my mind made up which pissed me off, which made me break up w u, then after that we tried being friends but u kept up bringing feelings and stuff and asking me y did i break up w u, but like an idiot i kept giving u chances, then the last time i asked for 2 weeks, then like 2 days later u pretened to be karen n tried to get info from from me which really pushed me over the edge, like killed every bit of trust i had…n still u kept calling the house involving my mother n also my friends…n also that same monday night u sent the same text bak to bak like 20 times, really that pissed me off 2…um thats basically it

I strongly believe he is the one I’m meant to be with forever and I messed up. He is stubborn and tends to stick with his word though.

Bring his attention to me

I in the past befriended someone who is extremely famous. Though he has this life, we found time ocassionally to chat whether it be a few words or playful flirting. Two years have gone by and he doesn’t really chat as much. I want something to strengthen our friendship.

To bring his attention to me and strengthen our bond opening the possibility for love. I want the universe to bring our two worlds together and for him to see it. To give this friendship/maybe love a chance. For the universe to bring his attention to me again but this time draw us together. Any help would be great. I have carried this around and feel now is the time.

We have been living together for nearly 5 years

Me and my man have been living together for nearly 5 years. In the beginning we were very alike. We like spending time whith each other, family, going outdoors, travel, movies….

Then he had to much focus on job, job, job (self employed). He has a though job. We also work together, and much of our life the two last years has been focused on work, work and home improvement.

i eventually started to handle this behaving in a bad way. And started to behave to upset him, because then i would have his attention. Since he worked alot, i did this a lot. Like saying and behaving like i wanted to go out on town… (disco)

This lead to a lot of arguing and missunderstanding. He feels im not supportive and don´t love him enough. But i truly do. And now he is very stubborn and set! he says i ruined everything.

Now he has found a new girl in desperation, and says its because she smiles…. he says iam the best looking girl in the whole world and im a truly fantastic person, but i have ruined everything whit my behavior.

So i want him to clear up his mind, and remember how we are truly fantastic togheter, and how mouch love we have for each other and our family (i have one daughter amy, 8 years. He has a son, sander, 18 years).
So… in a clear way… I would like you to help me whit having him remembering our great times and feelings, and of course bring us back together 🙂
More about our situation.
Well today i have the dog. I tried calling him a cupple of times(3) whit no answer. About when he is getting his dog.
FINALY he answers me… “i’m very happy that youre taking care of the dog. And its nice that we can have normal contact. Im just scared that you now should think (or wish) that there is going to be anymore between us. Cause im sure it wont. therefore i hope that we wont have more contact than this so it would cause you problem”
U see this guy is moving full speed ahead. And he is really hurting me and the kids, by behaving crazy. I m just scared that he is going to ruin something and go so far that it cant be repaired
By the way (which he says he loves soo much), i still have the dog. He was supposed to come by my house today whit food for him, but instead he forgot and started drinking beer.

Hope you can help us soon 🙂

I REALLY want my ex-girlfriend back

After trying a few sites already and being scammed out of my money as it is, how can i tell they are not a scam and are actually legit? I don’t believe the testimonials as everywhere else i have been they have only been falsely made… maybe you can help me… I REALLY want my ex-girlfriend back and im willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get her back… I’m not sure of the details your looking for but this is the story-

Was with her for a year, I didn’t show her enough appreciation, affection, gratification because i was scared she would think lesser of me and i would lose her… by the 10th month i FINALLY told her i loved her… after she dumped me… we got back together, about 3 weeks later she dumped me again so i sent her flowers to show her i DID appreciate her and we got back together, we broke up shortly after because i was being too pushy and disrespectfull but i dont know what she was on about, ive never truely understood women… after this point i got really scared she was going to leave me for good and became panicky, needy, obsessive, and just a genuine pussy and would pout if something didn’t go my way, which i understand now is NOT very attractive, one day i called her up because i couldnt controll my emotions and we ended up breaking up over the phone, i tried no contact, it worked untill she sent me this message which brought me to my knees and i went running to her house (which is 1.5 hours away from my own) and rocked up at 12:30 at night, i stayed there and it felt amazing to be in her arms again like that but to no avail… she just wants to be friends and “doesn’t want to look back” so to speak… I realized what killed our relationship and i just want one more chance to show her i can be the man that she wants but i need some help convincing her…

The things i want from the outcome are

1. For her to come back to me
2. For her to return to how she was with me at the start of the relationship.
3. More affectionate than what she was
4. Willing to move in with me
5. Be more needy towards me like she used to, i think its cute when she was a little needy…

Anyway thankyou for taking the time out to read my novel lol. Look forward to hearing from you sooninsh…

Thank you in advance

Can´t find love

I can´t find love i a been alone without love in my life for about 20 years, also i want to move from this house and town something seen to block me i don t know how i been locked in for so long i also want people to stop talking and picking at me and my daughter, and to respect us and that we have not fear and tell people off.

I have a very long story i also want my sister and her children to love and respect me and my daughter and stop hurting us we help them and i want them to help us now not hurt us they don t speak to us but i alway help them now they have turn their backs on us when we need them its just me and my daughter no friends or family i don t understand whats going on. my sister and her husband said they all hate us and want to see us suffer i want it to stop.

I need a spell to make my husband love me

Are you good with love lovemy husband want a divorces and how much I don’t have much money. I need a spell to make my husband love me Cause Write now there is no husband is yelling and screaming at me all the time and he’s on a dating site he’s even adding women from Facebook that don’t have boyfriend and he has written to one of aur friends and said something but delete it cause he didn’t want me to see it I tried talking to him about it n he would yell at me and say your living.

I’m not on a dating site or writing women on Facebook he lies I put up with him treating me like shot for 2 years it’s just getting worse I want it to stop looking want him to love me n want me he won’t hold me or make love to me he won’t do anything to please me but he wants me to give him a blow job he said he not in the move to make love but he wants a blow job n if I don’t he gets mad.please make him love me

My boyfriend and I broke up

Hello. I’m a 21 year old girl from the Netherlands and I’m dealing with a love problem.  Since January my boyfriend and I broke up. Not because we didn’t like eachother anymore, but because he had some problems on his own. I’m not the girl who falls in and out of love all the time, so this guy was really, really special to me and it just broke my heart, it broke my whole soul. I tried everything to get him back, but nothing worked and I’m just really desperated for him. We just fit so well together, we like the same things, we’ve got the some sense of humour, everything.

His name is Niels , a 24 year old boy who goes to college . We follow the same classes here at University.

It all started in October. He really liked me and he was chasing me a long time (since august 2008). At first I didn’t think it would work, but I tried and I really started to like him. So we made it official in december. Then things went wrong. He said he never had a relationship before and he just didn’t know how what to do and that he backed off with every girl he ever dated with after 2 months. But it was different with me. He thought that I was the girl. Still he just didn’t knew what to do, because he was afraid things would change in a relationship. So I got insecure. I just thought he didn’t liked me anymore and that this was his way of saying that to me. It was a wrong time for us. All my best friends were going to college in Germany, Spain or Italy, so left me for 6 months and he had some problems with his favorite sport, soccer. We both had our problems and it just wasn’t like it was in the beginning. I was really, really insecure about him and that just didn’t worked.
So I told him it didn’t worked between us, or that we had to fight for it. He said I was right and that it just didn’t worked. I was so good, so sweet and so beautiful and he just wasn’t good enough for me. I was broken, that wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

But we still slept with each other and I really thought we would be back together. That didn’t happened. In March he said “you are really, really cute, but I just miss that feeling”. The thing he always says to a girl after a few months, but didn’t to me in the first place. Now I was one of those girls. I just wasn’t special enough. It broke my heart, it still does. So to get him back I tried everything, I even said to him I was pregnant of his baby (wrong, wrong, wrong I know!). I’m very ashamed of myself, but I just want this guy back. I also mailed High Priesteress Doris for a love spell and she cast one. But I’m just so desperated and I want this guy so, so bad. But if a love spell can overrule another love spell, or make it’s power go away or something, then I’ll just have to wait 5 weeks before I can get any results. my boyfriend and I broke up
Thank you!

yours sincerely,

I love my wife very much

I have been married for almost 5 years now. We got married on 11/4/04. My wife and I have been separated for more than a year & half. It was her decision of course and I love her very much. I’m crazy about her. But she doesn’t feel the same anymore.

A lot has been lost during the separation, and her love for me has been lost. I’m miserable without her. She likes being alone and got used to the fact of living alone at the house with my daughter of age 4 years old and her daughter from her previous marriage of 12 years old. I would like the loved restored back please, make her love me once again so we can go ahead and live our lives together as a family. Her daughter Ariel doesn’t respect me and doesn’t like me as well which has a big affect on my wife, in why she doesn’t want to be with me.


I have done things in the past to draw her away from me as well as my wife, like texting her while she’s out with her friends, bothering her, not giving her space and constantly fighting where as the kids see it in which could explain why the big daughter Ariel doesn’t like me around and wishes for me not to be with her mother my wife. I made an appointment with my therapist to go see him once again as I saw him previously along with my wife but this time I’m going alone.


I’m helping myself to change my ways on how I act and treat her not only as my wife but as a companion. If you can please help me. I’m 32 years old,  my wife is 6 years older than me, she is currently 38  . I love my wife very much and always wish she feels the same as me. She keeps telling me that I should have changed my ways when she threw me out of the house 1 1/2 years ago.


She keeps saying it’s too late and she doesn’t feel the same. I wanted it then but now I don’t. I like being alone and don’t want the responsibility of being married anymore. She doesn’t want to be married which scares me even more. I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?

I called him to say hello

Hello and thank you,
I was recently dating a man for a while that I was falling in love with.  Mind you, this doesn’t happen very often to me – I rarely find a strong interest in men.  We’ve been doing wonderfully and going quite strong.  After I slept with him he called me the following day and asked me out.  I told him I was very tired (which was true) and that we could go out another time. About 4 days went by and I never heard from him.

I called him to say hello and he stated that I disappeared and that I said I would call back the next day and I didn’t.  I forgot I had said this – its true.  In reality, I was expecting him to call.  Then again, I don’t hear back from him for two days.  At this point I was angry and sent him a message stating that I had tried and he wasn’t responsive.  He promptly responded stating that AGAIN I never called him and AGAIN I disappeared.  I told him that in the previous msg. I stated that I was interested and that he never responded.  He stated that he never received any message.  When I looked at my phone – I now saw the msg. never went through.  So then I asked him when could we talk and he stated that same evening.  We went out and its as if nothing happened – but I was angry at him.  I felt as if I was making an effort and he wasn’t.  You see, I’m not used to making an effort with men.  I don’t chase men.  I don’t think it’s smart.  So now – a little while ago I told him he was playing games and good luck/good riddance.  Here’s the thing – I know I was wrong with how I handled the situation.  I have a very hard time feeling vulnerable.  If I could go back – I would talk to him differently with a much more calm and coolness.  I don’t want to call him again because I feel like a fool.  Do you have any love spells that would make him come back to me???

Thank you so much

My husband works very hard

My husband works as a Creative Director and the Editor has always created problems for him. She is lousy at her work, and because she sleeps with the boss, she is able to do whatever she wants.


My husband works very hard and ensures the company is running smoothly and always confronts her at any problems she creates.  She has now convinced the boss, who before this was always amazed at his work, to fire him and get someone else.  It is quite unfair to see someone who does not do anything get raises and create problems for others, whereas the people who work hard are treated like crap.  Now I fear he will lose his job and it is quite difficult to find a job in such a high position.  Please advise.

Thank you.

My boyfriend dumped me for another girl

My boyfriend dumped me for another girl he has agreed to get married to because his parents chose her for him.he was with me for a year(11 months
)and kept telling me he would never let go of me.

he did not have the courage to tell his parents about me and when they found out when my friend called his dad he lied to his dad saying i was just someone after him.i want him back in my life desperately becuase though he talks to her over the phone he is not engaged to her.i really want him back and i also want him to tell his dad the truth about about me and i want him to get married to me as well

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I wanna be happily married to him

I have been in a relationship for 7  years with Richard we have share memories good & bad I have children form past marriage and relationships, we have been on and off thur out the years at times and well we have no children we made together, but he shows love towars my kids very well, now after all this time his desire for his own seed is an issue, we have looked into reproductive clinic and it is costly, I guess he felt guilty for the pressure and said forget it we ok the way we are. But he has cheated a few times and I think to concieve a child. he even thought I would forgive him if it happen. Well heck no its not the same as if he had a child before we met.
So heres the thing we are at the fork in the road again and I still love him, yes we both have cheat or step outside of our bond at different times but honestly we must love something in each other because we keep coming back to each other. I began using spells and rootwork to help us , I put his underwear in my backyard and I tied them together, I did the same under our mattress, I have tried everything to make us harmonious but we never stay happy long enough. So what do I do. I feel like I may have put a spell on my self to never let him go.  or completely over him thats it.. So what do you think..

Fix my relationship


Hi my name is Amy and I am 24 years old.

I have a baby boy who is about to be 10 months old. His father and I have been together off and on for the last 7 years. We have had a lot of problems in the past and even now. We live together with our son and yet we still can’t seem to make a loving relationship between us work. I have some serious trust issues with him just as he does with me.

We both love each other very much and want to be happy together again like we once were. I don’t have a credit card or a bank account and pretty much all my money goes to bills and my baby but if you could find a way to help me I would be forever grateful.  I’m desperate to fix my relationship with the man I love with all my heart.

What I can do to help him get back to me

I have been seeing this man named jerry for quite a few months. i haven’t seen him since the beginning of dec we have still talked but that is getting less also. he says he is very busy with the house he is remodeling, which he is, he says he still wants to see me but not sure if his feelings are as strong as the were.

This came out of the blue, everything was going real well and he called and sent me little text all the time then over nite i wasn’t happening. when i asked him what was wrong he said he wasn’t sure he was stressed out and was in a funck. I don’t know where he really stands if he is upset with me for tying to get hold of him this weekend. I need to know where we are going from here and what i can do to help him get back to me. i fell he is scared because we were getting so close and have even talked about moving in together.

I miss my kids

I have been involved with the same man for 13 years he is verbally and physically abusive but he used to travel with his work all the time so I used to just get though it and then over a year ago I met someone else who treated me good and one thing led to another and I feel in love with him everything was great the first guy found out got crazy we had a bad argument and he left so the second guy and I got even more serious I loved him with my whole heart well he was living with a girl at the time all this started and said how unhappy he was with her so eventually he move in with me we only live together 3 days and on nite he said please understand .

I miss my kids I want to go tuck them in good nite so I gave him  my car because he didn’t have his own and he was gone what seemed like forever hour pasted he never came back and then the next thing I know is the girl he had been living with showed up and ask me what was going on between me and him I told her it wasn’t any of her business she said if you want your car back you need to give all his belongings and tell me what’s gone on and she reached into her pocket and showed my keys she said Felix went to jail on a pripation violation and that I wouldn’t be able to see him for a long time so the next day I called the prison and they said yes he was there so about 2 days later he called swearing how much he loved me and that everything was gone to be ok well about a week later I when to see him and he said how much he loved me and would see me again real soon but after I left the prison the girl he was living with called and treated me to stay away from him so I didn’t pay much attention to her but the next time I went to see him he was acting very strange and told me he never wanted to see me again and to quit stalking him .

I was devastated I left the prison got in my car crying came home took a bunch of pill and just wanted sleep the pain away but the next thing I rennet is being in the hospital and feeling empty with out Felix by my side I only ever heard from Felix 1 time in the last year and all is he did was say he was sorry and wanted to move in again but I said no because after all he put mr though I still managed to start school and guy number one moved back in to help me with the bills so he said fine if that’s how you want it good bye forever there is not a day goes by that I don’t miss him and want him back I feel totally lost anymore I cry alot and just want him back with me and me only not me him and her not me him and guy number 1 just him and I  and for him never to cheat on me ever and for us to be completly bonded together forever and ever

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I love him and want him to give us a try

I fell in love with a man who lives with his girlfriend.  He is unhappy but can’t afford any other situation it’s more convenient to stay than leave with his son. The son is not the girlfriends they have no children together, his children are from his ex wife.

We both unexpectedly fell in love, he is going through some rough times with work and financially. I feel this is also why he won’t take a step in faith with me.  We both admit we make each other happy, feel safe and secure with each other.

His ex wife has also told me that he is unhappy and only stays because it’s convenient and doesn’t want to disrupt his son.  I have heard that since he’s going through rough patch he might just leave the state with only his son. I don’t want them to leave I love him and want him to give us a try and together we can come through  this.

I know it won’t be easy but I believe it will be well worth it for all involved.  we stopped seeing each other a month ago so he can work through his situation, it has only gotten worse for him.  I love him and miss him dearly..Can you help??