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I decided to put this poll in the poll section last month as I had received many praises about my polls and many asked me to do one about spell casters. I couldn’t take 100 different but just took the 2 I have reviewed and also some other spell casters that seemed good. The results of your recommendations can be seen in the poll below. I am surprised about finding out that www.ancient-magick.com is a popular site. Happy to learn about that. I will maybe make a bigger poll later on but for now I conclude that we have many Sister Esmeralda lovers out there ;)


Magickalspells.net Testimonial

I ve received this Testimonial / review from a customer of Sister Esmeralda:

I would like to leave a testimonial for Sister Esmeralda, but before I do that let me introduce me to everyone and tell me on why I want to leave a testimonial for Sister Esmeralda. But first, let me ask something, love, lust, affair, marriage, cheating, dumping, deceiving, divorce, magic, love spell, gypsy spells, have you all heard all this in your life and that to together, I hope most of you have not, but I have.

My name is Joanne and I am a 45 year old lady living in Salt Lake City, UT in USA. It all started when I was 18 years old and was attending my college. He was in my batch, topper of the class, best in all extra-curricular activities, the most handsome and charming boy I might have ever seen. After graduation I went for some odd jobs since I was doing my higher studies, once my higher studies completed I got a placement in a good IT company as a HR Manager.

I remember it was hiring season, and this guy came in for a walk in interview at our office, I realized that he was the same perfect guy I used to chat in college and think about in my subconscious mind. It was my 30th birthday and suddenly this guy comes to me and gives me a ring and proposed me, since I also liked him, thought for a while and said a YES to his proposal, then after things went rapidly, we got married in the next two years itself and continued our professions in the same organization.

He was a very caring and loving husband; he used to help me in daily chores of life as well, and made sure that all my wishes are fulfilled. Seven years passed by since we were married and then came in the problem. I saw a distinct change in the behavior of my husband; I started enquiring and found out that he is dating another lady from our office itself. When I came to know about the same I enquired more about it in the office, to which it came to my knowledge that the lady was not of a good character, even some of the staff reported that she uses magic to lure guys towards her.

One of my office friends who is a member of a forum www.tarotmistress.com asked me to visit this site and look for a spell caster who could help me bring him back by using a love spell. Without wasting any time I went to the site and while surfing read about Sister Esmeralda in one of the pages http://tarotmistress.com/review-of-the-month-of-april-2013/ .

This site gave a detailed description about the Sister, and many members in the site had laid down their experience with the sister, I read them all, and specially the one written by a guy called Oscar whose life changed with the help of the sister, again without wasting time I went to http://magickalspells.net/ and contacted Sister Esmeralda, and to my rescue, she was quick in replying back to my email, I told her my problem in detail, and she being a very caring psychic told me that she would cast a love spell to get him back to me, she also said that it would take a month’s time for my soul mate to return back to me.

This is why I would like to thank and show my gratitude to Sister Esmeralda, for she was like an angel to me, she was caring, soft spoken and a very good listener, and not to forget a true professional, her spells are also within my budget and it happened just like she foretold, my husband returned back to me, and now we are living a happy life forever, thanks a lot Sister for giving me back my husband.


Ive searched countless sites and spellcasters and I couldn’t find the right one too cast a love spell for me. My situation is that I love this girl her name is Andrea wood. She goes to my school I only met her two to three months ago but theres something about her that makes me crazy for her. But she doesn’t seem to notice me.

I need a spell that will make her look my way and love me like I love her. It would also be a help if Andrea could send me a Facebook message. Just to let me Know it worked. I would really appreciate it if you could make it happen or help me out in some way. Thank you so much madame Serena

Heartbreaking problem

I am faced with a really heartbreaking problem at he moment. I thought of seeking help from professional and experienced spell casters and I came across your site. With the existence of various online spell casters, I don’t know which ones are real and those who are scams. When I saw your site, I decided to come to you for help.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years, We were so happy and content with our relationship until the time when he had to undergo a 4-month training in connection with his job as a fire fighter.

When my boyfriend came back from the training, I was surprised that he suddenly turned cold towards me. I found out later that reason for such is a girl whom he met at the training center.

Without a word, my boyfriend left me just like that, no longer valuing what we had for 5 years. He and the girl are together now.

I love him so much which is why I really want him back with me, Dena. I feel so helpless since the time he left me. God knows how much much he means to me and I really want him back in my arms again.

I hope and pray that you be able to help me with my dillema. I am so desperate. Please help me.

Thank you.

Vivid dreams

I am single and am ready to meet my perfect partner.  I live in a small town and it is therefore difficult to meet singles.  I have been on and off again seeing a 47 year old eye doctor, Will.  We have a lot in common, the conversation is easy and we have a great physical connection.  We first went out three years ago (he was engaged to someone else at that time – but their relationship was going nowhere and then ended – however, i personally think they are still friends).

It seems as though we date 2 or 3 times and then months go by and then we go out three or so times and that is a rut i feel we are in.  I have had vivid dreams about our wedding and feel he could be the one.  he has had awful dating experiences in the past and all of his friends are in lousy relationships.  His view is jaded.  I feel we could be wonderful together but how do I know if he/we are ready to move on. Do i attempt to figure this whole thing out or i move on.  Any idea when, where, who Will i meet if i move on. Help…

love spell cast

hello, i have gotten a love spell cast from calastrology.com by andreika the witch for a former hookup and it never worked… that was october 2007- then i contacted faera from moonspells.org to cast a love spell for me this was around late 2009 but it did work for 6 months… she recast the spell but this specific person did not come to me and now he has a new lover. therefore faera has recast the spell on someone new… am i just wasting my time??

is it worth all this longing and suffering?

Which man in my life is the right man for me

Firstly I’d like to know which man in my life is the right man for me. There are three: Ryan, Andrew, and John. Ryan is an ex lover whom I would love to be with but does not seem to return these feelings and so I cut off the affair.

John is my ex whom is still very much in love with me, and Andrew is a new man in my life whom I’ve only been on one date with. I am confused as to which would be the best for me and any insight on this and and help to get the man I want would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

very strong spell

I have a problem with my lover.he love me to much before,now he is with onother girl.for ever i do love spell to remove her from him,she is doing more powerful spell.

i contact certified psychics and everyone said the same.she is doing very strong spell that nobody they cant undo it.or if i do something at the same time she is doing again and again.i want her live his office for ever because they work togheter.he is really doesnt love her from the heart,but about sex attraction maybe,because she is 30 years younger on him,i have not much money but if you try to help me for sure because i know that he love me too much,and we much very well each other.thanks lena

if you can find somebody why can stop her to live his office and to find somebody to make him to never see onother woman then let me know.

Return my Lover & Reconcile

What a relief!! Finally a caster who can suggest the right caster.
I am looking for the right caster to help with the following situation:
I’d like to be reunited with my former partner. He left me in January 2009, after I confessed being unfaithful in 2007. I’ve tried everything and anything to salvage what we had but it backfired. Things were perfect till that point and sometimes I regret confessing. I honestly thought I was doing the right thing as I loved him so much.

He ended it by saying: “There can never be an ‘us’  again”, “I can’t forget what you did” and “I don’t do ‘second chances’, ever!”

That was the only mistake I ever made and never gave him any other reason to distrust me. He is a very stubborn person, with a lot of pride and arrogance and I just don’t know how to get around this. I’ve even begged and pleaded.

I was in tears this morning, yet again as the break-up hurts like it was yesterday. I’ve had no contact with him since March regarding ‘us’ but just some business he was doing as he was my sister’s wedding photographer so I have no idea if he’s with anyone else at all.

I have already had Katrina of www.KatSpells.com perform a “Return my Lover &
Reconcile” Love Spell on 23rd June 2009.
As with many other casters I have read bad reviews on Kat too so I’m glad I didn’t spend that much but is this review wrong and is she good? A lot of casters seem to bad mouth others and you just don’t know who to believe. I’ve been researching for 3 months now and am still struggling to find someone who’s genuine and accurate. I feel the more time passes the more further my goal, dream and desire is from me.
Your advice would be much appreciated. I am looking to spend up to 400GBP.
Kind Regards and Many Thanks.

I want this woman out of his life

My beloved husband of 23 years walked out two years and almost 11 months ago with a Waffle House Whore he had picked up at the Waffle House. He left August 10, 2006 and has avoided me since, has said he has married this whore, but we are not divorced so I know they are not married,,,,,at least not legally, and he and I both knew we were put together by God.

I want this woman out of his life and all other women to shun him and for him to realize the mistake he has made, regret it and come back to me immediately. Almost three years is three years too long for me to live without the soulmate, help me to and love of my life that was a blessing from God.

He is still in Knoxville Tn with that woman, and I have been forced to move in with my mother that hates my husband and I do not even think she would let me know if he called her house to try and talk to me.  Please direct me to someone that can succeed quickly but understands I am not rich and do not have a lot of money as my work has been cut back due to the bad economy.
Thank you,